Family Farm raising kids, chaos, and Rocky Mountain Horses

Things to know for your visit to riding lessons at South Forty Farms:

During non-Quiet week lesson hours, parents, guardians, siblings, and friends may stay in their vehicle or the general parking area, sit in the viewing area of the indoor arena (ask instructor if you are not sure where this area is), just outside of the lesson barn doors, or in the grass outside of the outdoor arena.  During Quiet Weeks, we do ask that all visitors coming with a student please stay in the parking area.  For safety, all parents, guardians, siblings, or friends of students should not be beside or in front of the horse while student is tacking up/grooming/washing, in any stalls, pastures, or inside the riding area of any arenas or pastures we might be riding in, or in the "side shed"/covered area of the lesson barn where tractors and Cole family bikes, scooters, and play equipment is stored.  Guests staying too close to the horses, being in the riding lesson areas, or being in restricted areas of the farm distracts the instructors from the students and their safety. 

In the past, we have allowed parents, guardians, and/or siblings to be in the lesson barn while students are tacking up, however, we are seeing more family members helping the students with the horses or equipment, or moving around the barns between cross ties and distracting riders and instructors from their lesson.  In order to keep all safe, and provide the best learning environment, we would like to change this and ask anyone that is not a student to please stay just outside of the barn doors.

No visitors to the farm should be near any horses while barefoot or wearing sandals of any kind.

Please use caution when petting horses in the stalls or just beside the barn - any horse can and will bite, and any horse can push against your arm or hand while being petted, and might catch your arm against the stall barns or window.  Please do not jump or climb any of the horse stall windows, or yell and squeal at the windows - this is the horses' own "bedroom" and they like it quiet and calm.


Parents, guardians, and siblings should not be handling horses or equipment.  The student is in the lesson to learn and handle the horse - and though they may struggle at times - instructors are aware, and sometimes letting the child learn on their own (sometimes in their own creative ways).  Sometimes the best way to learn is to get things wrong or make a few mistakes along the way.

Parking is to the left as you pull into the barns.  Please do not pull to the right, or drive to the other side of the barn, as this is where horses are moving and being worked the most.

There are to be NO GUESTS past the stock/horse trailer that is next to the indoor arena viewing area.  We do have a sign just past that point, at a gate, that points out the Cole Family personal boundaries.  Some students may have to take horses out past that point, and students are allowed to do that if their horse belongs on that side of the farm.  Please, do not venture up to the little barn area, visit the little terrier dogs (they are "guard dogs" that bark when they see non-farm people up near the little barn), walk past the outdoor arena going closer to the historic home on the farm (underground dog fencing is in this area for Diane's personal house dogs) or walk past the horse pasture areas to Amanda and Jason's personal yards.