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These are a few of my favorite things...or things your equestrian might be interested in owning!

The items listed below are all items we use at the farm. All are optional for lessons - I’m just trying to suggest it so that youth can work more independently. There’s a basic tools section on top, and more equipment for saddles, pads, bridles in a second section. Also - Chick’s Saddlery online is fantastic, or Stockdales here locally!

Basics that can help riders work with more tools during lessons:

Halters: horse size fits most of our horses unless they are not trained and old enough to ride. Socks is a large sized halter though 😊

Lead ropes are pretty basic. We’re flexible on what you choose to use. If you own a horse, you might consider a lunge line – an extra long rope, that you can exercise the horse without riding them!

This is a great, all over body brush

Metal or rubber curry brushes help clean mud and heavier dirt off the horses. It can be used anywhere on body except mane/tail, face, and lower legs

Other Optional items:

To start cleaning hooves!

Bareback pads – we’ve recently started using bareback saddle pads for riders – and a lot of them love it! Here are some options: - 17 and 18 inch for youth, I currently ride in a 20 inch seat, Jason rides in a 21 inch seat. Suede seat helps keep the riders buns more “stuck” in the saddle and not swishing around. Stirrups and stirrup leathers not included - that’s what the feet use.

48 and 54 inch are youth and teen length, 60 inch is adult length

Guess on size is to measure the width of the shoe at its widest point (across the ball of the foot), and goes just a bit bigger.

This link is for a barrel racing saddle pad, we use western or barrel pads, as they are thicker and support the horse better.

Our girth sizes of horse range from 48-52 inches, and yes, if you call they’ll doubt you - we have full bodied horses 😉. We advise that you don’t go bargain on girth - it can cause sores on very tender spots of the horse.

Horse size, does not come with bit or curb chain - must purchase separately (bit is dependent on each horse used)

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