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Our Story

South Forty Farms was established in 1994, and the Cole Family has dedicated their time to making the farm a home, a play to enjoy being together and sharing adventures with their Rocky Mountain Horses.

"Momsie" Diane Cole is the owner and backbone of the farm.  She's up at dawn and ready to tackle every challenge the farm, or her grandkids, present.  

Jason Cole, Diane's son, is a full time riding instructor at the farm, and is proudly raising his two girls on the farm to conquer the world, one horse, one stall, or one hay bale at a time.  Avery and Avenley both share the passion for horses, and can be found in the barns as soon as a foal is born, working it to be their next best friend.  

Amanda Cole, Diane's daughter, is also a full time riding instructor, and has loved teaching youth the beauty and wonder of the Rocky Mountain horse.  Her two children, Amelia and Aiden, both keep her on her toes in the barn - always ready to find the next thing they'll get into, but get them into a saddle, and their content for hours (or days).

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